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Soviet restrike Tsar gold 1898 10 ruble coin?


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Correct, gold coins of Nikolay II period were restrike in Soviet time.  There are ways to determine this but one have to be very skilled in being able to see the differences in the portret.  It surprise me that NGC could spontaan place this information on the label. Most probably the owner of the coin has specifically asked to do this in order to raise the price.  Soviet restrikes are usually not more expensive than normal coins, so this case was rather exceptional 


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On 6/24/2022 at 3:41 PM, gxseries said:

Are there specific years or a specific literature that you would recommend?

The Nicholas II gold coins catalogue by V.Sidorov

(Google translation follows)

The catalog contains information about gold coins of the regular minting of the period of the reign of Nicholas II, as well as the period of the Soviet minting of gold coins of the royal design in 1923–1926. The catalog contains images of varieties of coins with a full description, indication of rarity and estimated cost in different conditions. Also in the catalog-directory, examples of counterfeit gold coins are presented in a separate section. Author of the publication: Sidorov V.Yu.

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