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Greetings coin people

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Hello everybody.my first post. I'm so happy. I'm no stranger to coin forums and I probably been at this for a few years I've learned a lot but I also don't know a lot my biggest problem is with doubled dies. I did say that right, I hope. A few of the sites I been on we're great one was just a little too complicated for my liking, another site seen they were too worried about periods? And so on it was more like a spelling class and you better not say penny, it's cent..lol well enough of that I'm a disabled vet from the Marine corps...oorah! And my psy says this is good therapy. What does a psy know. Actually a few years back I seen the 1982 d small date copper Lincoln cent going for 20 grand .that's all it took. I had a lot of spare time never was interested in coins until I seen that and now it's off to the races. I don't collect coins I find them out there and sell them but I got to tell you I do have my favorites. I started on pennies screw the cent, lol and graduated to all kinds of coins but I went after the ones I can get the most of, ie .. presidential dollars, Susan B's, Sacagawea ,quarters. I live next to an ice machine and a laundromat right down the road from me yep you guessed it I took advantage and still am. The ice machine was spitting out presidential Sacagawea Susan B's for a while. The ice is $2 a bag and of course if you don't have two singles you can throw in a five or a 10, nothing bigger than a 10. So I would throw 10 after 10 after 10 in the machine and I just hit the change button so far I got two Susan b far date, 16 cheerio coins (just kidding) no cheerio and a bunch of almost uncirculated presidents when I actually look at how clean those president dollars were I fell in love I thought then came the state quarters and all the errors they have, which I'm currently working on now cuz I got tired of the pennies. Long story short, oh this is a short story, I'm here to learn like any rookie I'll always be a rookie okay I'm through. Thanks for letting me blah blah blah.

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