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Types of the 1860 - 15 kopecks

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Something was recently pointed out to me with respect to the types of 15 kopecks from 1860 that I would like to share here.

Let's start with the so called large eagle which is the first issue of 1860 and was redesigned later that year.


The redesigned coin has pretty much the same reverse but features a different, smaller eagle, on the reverse:


This second coin design lasted more or less unchanged until 1917. There is one notable difference in that 1861 and onward coins feature a larger mint mark on the reverse:


As it turns out, there is a variant in 1860 that also features the updated larger mint mark:


It does appear that most of the 1860 mintage was the Large Eagle issue, with the redesigned eagle coming in the later part of 1860. Obviously the redesigned reverse came very late in that year and the 1860 large mint mark does seem to be fairly scarce.

I am curious if there is a 10 kopeck coin from 1860 with the larger SPB mint mark?


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