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UK rare 50p and £2 coins apologies


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I must hang my head in shame and apologise to all coin collectors, as i have recently inherited my aunts collection of rare 50p coins and £2 coins unaware that you should not polish them. As I naturally assumed they would look better 'shiny' and looking their best.

Does this now mean that I have devalued those that are clean, including a Kew garden 50p and a couple of rare £2 coins, although I have only cleaned approx ten, and there are many  coins that have not been touched and put back in their bags.

The reason for cleaning, was that I was looking to sell them, as I am not a collector.

Therefore, since seeing the error I have done, I thought I would ask those in the 'know' who are now probably cursing me whilst reading this, if collectors would still be interested once I place them up for sale?

Kind regards



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You are quite correct...do not polish coins as you will devalue them.  However, what concerns me more is what the coins actually look like and what it was you were trying to remove by "polishing" them.  The fact that you mentioned "bags" is a concern as I have visions of coins in sandwich bags reacting with pvc and turning a gooey green.  Perhaps some photos of the coins in question would help to guide you on what should (or should not) be done with them.

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