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A batch of Chinese Uighurstan coins (1933)


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Uighurs or Uyghurs have been under the news for all sorts of "human right abuse" under the current Chinese regime. I shall avoid the political aspects of it but you can look it up and make your own conclusion.


Uighurs have tried to break apart from Xinjiang Province and it was a a short lasted regime for a mere 9 months in 1933. A couple of coins were struck and there are quite a few varieties known.


Numista shows a few:




I bought my first example and and I believe it is the most corroded 10 cash. I tried to find the 20 cash and that proved to be difficult and ended up getting another 10 cash. I did end up lucky with a 20 cash but had to do some preservation that didn't go too well. I believe back then, the first example that I purchased was around 30 dollar mark and the 20 cash was a bit dearer at 200 or so.


The rest came out from a hoard and that happened when I was out of work. I'll be honest - I thought I'll buy them and flip them as I thought they were undervalued. Sadly I only had enough to buy a bit over half of what was offered but I did end up with some nice examples. That would sound pretty unbelievable today - ebay doesn't even have that many examples on offer for starters!


In hand, I noticed that all 20 cash are overstruck and are not well researched. One of the 20 cash look like a crude fake but it seems to be a legitimate variety. The 10 cash on the other hand all seem to be struck on fresh planchets. I ended up keeping them all as I realized some of these coins are in much better condition that I've seen in the market. One of them is double struck which is pretty unusual and the other has a clean die crack however poorly conserved. Before you criticize about the green verdigris, they have already gone through a few rounds of Verdicare so it's the best they can be. They were much worse, believe it or not


Here are some examples of before and after:





Prices today are just so absurd - who knows if the CCP is just hunting them down to just melt them from existing. Who knows, if it keeps going up at a rocket pace, I can sell and head for retirement! (dreaming). Better close up photos soon...






Feel free to post your example!

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