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Russian 50 Kopeks 1904 and Unknown Russian War Medal.

Sam B

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IMG_2431 2.HEIC

Hi All, I have been given two coins from another family member who wanted to sell them to get some extra funds. One of the coins is what I think is a Russian 50 Kopeks from 1904, and the other is what I can imagine is a Russian War medal, which says is dated from 1905 - 1910. I was not sure if this was the correct forum but any help in terms of letting me know what the coin is or how much it is worth, where best to sell etc. would be very helpful.

50 Kopeks

Diameter: 2.5/2.6mm, Thickness: 2mm

War Medal:

Diameter: 2.9mm, Thickness: 2mm

Thanks, Sam


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