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A group of Certified US Coins

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I am thinning the herd a bit, so here are some certified coins I am selling. All priced include shipping to the US, shipping to other countries will be extra. If you are interested or would like photos e-mailed to you, please send me a PM or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com. Thanks for your interest!


1986-D Lincoln Cent NGC MS-66 Red $12


1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 $220

Lovely original coin with a thick skin and light champaign toning, great luster, solid for the grade.


1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar ICG MS-63 $12

Bright white, blazing luster, solid for the grade.


1881-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-65 SOLD!

Older PCGS holder with yellow/green insert, bright white, blazing cartwheel luster, razor sharp strike.


1883-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS-62 SOLD!

Bright white with a crescent of gold toning on the obverse edge, right side. Nice example from the GSA hoard, one bag mark on the cheek keeps this one from a higher grade.


1901-O Morgan Dollar NGC MS-63 $45

A nice coin with golden toning on the obverse rim, reverse bright white. A beautiful example of a common date making it an affordable addition to any type set.


1972-S Silver Eisenhower Dollar ICG MS-67 $40

Bright white, excellent luster, well struck, one of the nices Ike dollars I've seen.


1893-S Liberty $5 Gold NGC MS-60 $245

A better date with an original mintage of 224,000, this coin is well struck with ample mint luster, conservatively graded. Coin World Trends $350 in MS-60, $525 in MS-62.

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I will probably put a few of these up on eBay tomorrow, but in case anyone was interested, here are some photos of some of the better coins:


1941 WLH #1

1941 WLH #2

1941 WLH #3


1881-S $1 #1

1881-S $1 #2

1881-S $1 #3


1883-CC $1 #1

1883-CC $1 #2

1883-CC $1 #3


Thanks for looking!

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