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My Minnesota Coin - New Hobby


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My wife and I are BRAND NEW to coin collecting and are so excited. We inherited a BUNCH of coins from her dear father who passed away. So, wehave decided to start this new hobby. We ordered many books and are reading reading reading. But my eyes are untrained and I know that I don't know what I dont know, so I thought I'd ask a few questions here on this thread because we are both very interested in coin errors. I hope it's ok to post some pictures and ask whay you all think. So, here are pics from the Obverse/Reverse of my Minnesota Quarter. I found what SEEMS to be soe serious die breaks(?). Especially interesting to me is a very clean nick on the top and bottom of the reverse that are in a straight line to each other. There are all kinds of scraps, nicks, and what looks like the top layer peeled off (e.g., on jaw of face). I'll just upload a few of the images of some of the "errors" (?). Obviously, I alos have NO IDEA if this is worth anything. LoL. Thanks in advance for any answers. This is very fun.

01Die Break Cut-ccfopt.jpg


AME DieBreak.jpg


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