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Old gold collection.


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why not wait until gold as at it's all time high to start adding to the collection.... Frustrating but that is how it goes sometimes. for me it seems to happen with gold more than silver but anyways.. I have a opportunity to purchase a $10 liberty/indian headdress gold coin. it is legit at a great price I have no problems but 1 thing. I never bought a $10 indian gold coin. I think they are ugly. they have the same liberty head as a peace dollar just with a indian head dress so I hate they even call it a indian head. I have many $2.50 and $5 in my collection. anyone else have a problem with the $10 gold indian head coin? well I will see what I get back for responses as this is my 1st coin post ever. been collecting coins since 1983 when grandma got me started on pennies. always flew under the radar.

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