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Hi - This 1722 is currently listed on eBAY.  It appears to me that this is either Bitkin 497, 498, or 835.  Version with star above head.

I contacted the seller and suggested it is not authentic.  He is very nice.  Thoughts on this?  Best.  Dwight




Bay item number:
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Hi, this is 2 Roubles Novodel of Peter I coin, Bitkin 3742 (R2). This type of coins is rare and only exist as Novodel, never have been in circulation, only as trial . But it looks very strange for me that this coin is in so bad condition for a coin, which never have been in circulation? Although it looks similar to genuine I have serieus doubts about this.   

You may have a look here on examples of this coin https://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/id,4809/prohod.html

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The most shocking of this is the price they're asking for this coin. $1,255? In Russia you can get it for $100 even if not less. And it's very suspicious you know...seems to be a scam, but I"m not sure. Anyway, I wouldn't even get a coin for such a price. I've recently found a good collection of old Serbian/Bosnian coins for the similar price and it was like 20 coins in the collection. I had to wait for a long time to get them because the shipping from Serbia was pretty long. But I used the tracking china post services to watch my order, so I wasn't afraid of it being stolen somewhere. Arrived yesterday...and I'm very happy!

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