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China - Taiwan Province


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This is one of the coins that I have been hunting for years. Prices of many Chinese coins have escalated and even in the last couple of years, they have gone up quite fast! Have to sell off more duplicates in my collection...


Now the title "Taiwan" brings a hot political debate of its status - which is NOT the point of discussion. Instead I'll like to show a couple of historical coinage.


Taiwan was part of China until it was conceded to the Japanese (Treaty of Shimonoseki) during the late Qing dynasty in 1894-1895 (First Sino-Japanese war). Prior to this, there are some interesting numismatic coinage.


This is an early Taiwan province coin issued around KangXi era (~1667) and this is part of the poem series, issued by various provinces. This is one of the harder coins to find of this series. Note this has the character "Tai" of Taiwan.




In 1838-1850s, due to a shortage of silver coins, a batch of "Old Man" dollar coins were issued. These were often heavily chopmarked and are very scarce in ANY condition - easily a 4-5 figure coin. 




The last coin can be challenging but more doable is a silver 7.2 candareens coin issued around 1893-94 before Taiwan got conceded to the Japanese.




Mine is scratched but I'm happy - this particular coin has been skyrocketing for the last few years.


The first coin after Taiwan called herself "Republic of China" is this




Note the text reads "Taiwan province" in the middle of the island.


History is interesting isn't it?






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