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Canada Queen Elizabeth has Extra Round Dot variety on forehead banknote new discovery wow Fuyoh


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It's a good try, you never know until you ask.

Planchettes (red and green dots) are embedded and distributed randomly during the paper making process. Sometimes they just happen to be in unflattering locations. 

Depending on the paper, there are simple planchettes  and then there are some that are fluorescent and change color under UV light. And there are some that change color upon contact with an alkaline solution. And some are thermochromic and change color with heat. There are even some that change into two different colors depending on the temp. I believe the ones on the Canadian Bird series are just simple ones, but I don't know I have never really tested them.

The "BUG" is just one of prefix's for the series. You can see most here.


Keep looking maybe someday ...

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Thank you much for replying above with useful informations and have learn foreign banknotes for sure

Personally have thought for the extra round Dot is something likes security thread hair watermarks to prevent counterfeit forgeries for safety purpose reason

However already realise right for the bug word is consider prefix only but not English word on both sides until learn about these to be honest as being collector and then have more foreign banknotes and coins to post later there

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