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Monetary change system


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Hi, I am looking for a information about monetary system change in different territories:

1864-1873 - Schleswig-Holstein what money were used before German invasion danish riksdaler or something else and what was exchange fix rate to Prussian Vereinsthaler or German Mark and how German Papier Mark was change in this territory to Danish Krone in 1920?
1912 - Dodecanese Islands turkish lira to italian lira and in 1943-1945 to british war money and to greek drachma
1940 - greek drachma to ionian island drachma and to italian lira 
1940 - greek drachma to bulgarian lev
1943 - ionian drachma to Reichsmark and 1945 to british war money and greek drachma

I am looking also for act of law based on this change was made...

Can you help me with this subject?


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