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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I've always been interested in error coins. Over the past couple of years I have found couns that I think may be errors (a variety of types) and recently been interested in getting someone to evaluate them a give me approximate values. But after getting pricing info on the top 2 coin appraisals companies, it seems a little pricey, especially for a beginner. 

A few years ago I had an extra leaf Wisconsin quarter, and not realizing the high values on them, some guy at a local coin shop said he could give me $75 for it. When I found out how much I COULD'VE gotten for it, I was so mad at myself!

I'm wondering if this forum is a place where I could post some pictures of what I have and get some feedback from more experienced people as to what they think?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hi Corina,

Thanks for the response and also for suggesting that I post some photos with info. That's what I wanted to do but since this is the first time I've joined a coin forum, I wasnt sure it it would be cool of me to just do it, without someone suggesting it or giving permission. I'm not quite sure how all this works, but I'm sure itll be easy enough!

I have a variety of errors (or what I believe to be errors based on doing a lot of reading up on the varieties and try to always look for many samples to compare with what I have.

All my coins are US coins except for one, which is a 1953 Canadian nickel and I believe the one I have is "near leaf" and "with shoulder strap". The US coins vary from Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels, roosevelt dimes, and both original Washington quarters and state quarters.  I also have several Lincoln cents 1970 s with what I believe are both high and low. Some errors are (at least I think they are. . .) Incomplete strike? Where only part of the face is clear, a double earlobe on a 1969 Lincoln cent,  a 1995 Lincoln cent with the words "in God we trust" only seen in trust, 1992 Lincoln cent possible DD obverse and partial on Reverse. This just gives you an idea of the coins I have and will be posting asap

I started taking pictures of them but I think I'm gonna havta work at taking better photos with more clarity etc. I will work on getting these pics done this week and get them posted as soon as possible and maybe start getting feedback from the more experienced people like yourself lol.

I do appreciate your feedback and hoping to have a few really good ones! Thanks again!😀



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