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Back in 1998 I like so many started saving the Statehood quarters. I purchased the Dansco P&D album and pulled nice quarters from circulation. I could always count on finding the new issues a few weeks after they came out and traded some P's for D's with some fellow Coinpeople. When the series neared its completion they decided to add on the 6 territories. That's when the "Problem" started.

The coins stopped showing up in circulation. I've seen several reasons given for this. 2009 wasn't a good year for the mint. Mintages were way down. they spent a lot of time with the different Lincoln cents and due to the recession and glut of Statehood quarters the banks were not calling out the new coins. Whatever the reason I only have 3 of the 12 Territorial quarters pulled from circulation. (I did purchase a mint set for 2009 so I do have them just not the nice coins from circulation).

It didn't stop there." America the Beautiful" series started but the coins never made it here. I have 1 of the 10 2010's. Four 2011'S and four 2012's. it wasn't til 2013 that they showed up with any consistancy (I have all ten) Since then I have found almost all the Philly versions of the coins (29 of 33) and a Few Denver versions(10 of 33). The series comes to an end the first quarter of next year.

So whats next? A bill calling for another state series has expired and though there are several more up for consideration(Famous women being one), it looks like we will get a new reverse at least for the final 3 quarters of 2021.


I for one hope the mint gives the quarter a rest.

I'm sure there will be a new design foe 2026 and our nations 250th birthday. I hope we stick with "Crossing the Delaware" until then and consider a new "series" after that.



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