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NNR 2019 - Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich - commemorative medal


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Somehow I missed this in 2019...


They are still available from Russian grading company on whose request they were issued: http://www.nnrcoin.ru/80i.Medal_2019_SPMD.htm

I've secured mine from another source. In any case they should have no problem sending this medal overseas, I believe, as it is a newly produced item and you should be still able to get it.



By order of the National Numismatic Register LLC at the St. Petersburg Mint - a branch of Goznak JSC, a commemorative medal “Grand Duke George Mikhailovich - August Numismatist” was dated for the 100th anniversary of the execution of George in 1919).

On the front side of the coin in a patterned rim there is a relief portrait of the Grand Duke and a circular inscription: “GRAND DUKE GEORGE MIKHAILOVICH - AUGUST NUMISMAT”. On the reverse side there is a relief image of St. George the Victorious with the abbreviation: “NR” on top and the year of minting “2019” below, on the sides the inscription: “PURE SILVER ½ TROYSK. OZ. ” The author of the medal design is Olga Yanchenko, designer of the St. Petersburg Mint - a branch of Goznak JSC.

The medal is made of proof-like quality from 925 sterling silver, the standard weight is 16.82 grams, and the medal diameter is 33 mm. A total of 500 copies were produced.




Medal by NNR - 2019
2019 - Medal by NNR - Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich - August numismatist 1863-1919

Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich -
August numismatist 1863-1919

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