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Ugly Banknote Contest Part Deux!!!

Which banknote is UGLIER?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Which banknote is UGLIER?

    • Macedonia 50 Denar
    • Slovenia 1 Tolar

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any uglier...






Shield your eyes for... MisterMcDoo's Macedonian 50 Denar!!!




What IS that thing to the left???? A futuristic porta-potty? The bop-it extreme? Whatever it is, we are sure of one thing: it is UGLY!! :ninja:


But wait! There's competition...


Please view:


The 1990 Slovenian 1 Tolar:




You'll never know if it has been urinated on.

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lmao @ the 'bop-it extreme'. But I find the Mecedonian appealing in the same way pugs or baby moose are... you know you should recoil in disgust at its looks, but you can't help but like them anyway.




I hate the Slovenia note. It looks like they took a boring post card, slapped some bank-note engraving around it, and then peed on it.

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There were not many of these temporary "kupons" "talons" etc anywhere that were appealing. This is tough, I do have one of each unfortunately. I collected them after these countries came into being.


When Kupons were used in Ukraine, they were quite unpopular, actually there was some preference with some to keep using Rubles. In fact I have heard the new currency, the Hryvnia, referred to as Rubles by older folks.


The uric acid note got my vote.

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LOL both of them are good, I mean "horrible" designs. :ninja:


I just didn't like the Macedonian design, as it's too flat in some sense, or more like, too "tight", which gives you no room to see the proper design. What's worse is that the serial number is relatively similar to the color of the background, which makes it really hard to see what stands out. ;)

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The Macedonian is kinda cool !!!

I voted for the hideous yellowish one.

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