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PCI / UCC -- we're past due!


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We haven't held a Popular Coin Idol/Ugly Coin Competition in ages.  As long as we're all puttering around our respective domiciles, why the heck not?  Thoughts?  I'm willing to run the UCC again, but I would really love to see a PCI happen first.

I mean, I'm sure some of us have gotten some fantastic shinies (and poor, poor victims) since the last go-around...

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Sounds like a great idea. I haven’t gotten anything in years and am kept quite busy each day between Congregation Duties and mu Grandson who I love to see on every possible occasion. 

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PCI?  I'd say just announce you're going to do it.  I'll be in, I promise.  Go over the last few, see how they were done, tweak to make them better.  :)

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