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I've been going through some old coins that used to belong to my grandfather. Although most of them have been easily identifiable, there is one I have been having trouble with. It is an undated French jeton, and though I've found some information on it, I can't help but feel like I'm missing something about it, as some of the information doesn't make much sense. This is what I know so far:

  • Minted during the time of Louis XV
  • Obverse contains coat of arms of Louis-César Crémeaux (1679-1747), lieutenant general of Mâconnais --> his mother's half-sister, Françoise Louis, Duchess de la Vallière, was a mistress of Louis XIV from 1661-1667

Some specific questions I have:

  • If it's truly a French token, why was it minted with the English spelling? (English spelling is "jetton," while the French spelling is "jeton")
  • On one website I found that was selling the same token, it mentioned Catherine Henriette de Balzac d'Entragues and Henry IV. They, however, were long before the time of Louis-César Crémeaux and seemingly have nothing to do with each other. Might they be distant relations, both having the title of "d'Entragues"? I'd love to know if there really is a connection there.

I've included a picture of the token for reference. Any information you might be able to provide, related to my specific questions or not, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!




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