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I have found this coin (what I assume to be a coin) while metal detecting. Its really unusual and I have no information on it. Its clearly very worn, I have no idea of age, what it might be or if it is indeed a coin. Is there anyone who may be able to shed light on this or knows where I may find out about it? TIA 


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After some further attempts to gently clean the coin up, it came up clear enough to make out some other features. The reverse side showed up 10 Penniä  and 1867 - upon researching this its an 1867 finnish coin :)

I have found some really bizarre coins out there, including, a 5 centimes from 1854 with Napoleon 3rd on it and coin from Nova Scotia, to name a few...as for where I found it, near my home in Scotland, South Lanarkshire, its a large wooded area :)


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so jealous as a fellow metal detector I am in a non populated rural area with few people. I still find modern gems with my Ace250 but usually only pre 1964 us silver. I only swung for about 6 hours in 2020. What a aweful year. I was actually chased out of a park because covid had closed down the park///// yep. what do you swing with? I am thinking about upgrading but need to find a worthy upgrade for the money. Peace.

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