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Caandian 1967 silver quarter's ???


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Can anyone tell me if they have tried weighing Canadian 1967 quarte's.
As the mint changed from 80% to 50% silver midway through the year of 1967. I am having a hard time figuring this out
I have read many times that there is no way to tell the 80% from the 50%, but the Canadian mist says there is a weight difference.

Now I have heard of the water test but that is just not practical, plus I am just not that good at math LOL
Any help would be very much appreciated

Technical specifications
1953 - 1967
Composition: 80%silver, 20% copper
Weight (g): 5.83
Diameter (mm): 23.88
Thickness (mm): n/a

1967 - 1968
Composition: 50% silver, 50% copper
Weight (g): 5.05
Diameter (mm): 23.88
Thickness (mm): n/a

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