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Best way to sell coins from your early collection experiences


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Many may have coins of a not high grade or rarity in their collection. I do. What is the best way to sell your "doubles", "triples" and "quadripples", the coins that you probably no longer need and that may still be of interest to a starting collector? Any tips?

Look after your collections and stay well!

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It's a bit of a strange market at the moment thanks to the virus. The only real positive is that the Australian dollar is possibly record low against the US dollars so export to US might be a great idea since there's a lot of collectors there.


When the coins are budget, personally I don't try to aim for maximum dollars. Especially if they are low grade, I just put them in lots and sell them even if it comes to a small loss to me. After all I had a lot of great deals in the past and pass it on to new collectors. No point having too much coins taking up a lot of space. I'm on a mission to downsize at least half if not more... 

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