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Mixed Wheaties - UNSEARCHED


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Here are some mixed date and condition wheaties. I purchased a few bags of these at the local coin club early this year with the intent of filling in some holes in a few of my Lincoln albums. Never did get to even go through them. I honestly have not searched these. The gentleman who sold them to me said that he had them for at least 18 years and had not ever searched them. (Sure ---). I'd guess there are no real rarities here.


Great hunting for varieties and make great penny squisher coins. You don't want to squish Zlincolns because the zinc come through.


Unsearched Wheaties Hoard



Auction is for 2 rolls of cents -- that's 100 of these beauties. Shipping is included.


Funds to the Salvation Army via Tiffibunny.


Ends Sunday Oct 9th at 8AM EDT.

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L'Art de monsieur, expédierez-vous à Belgium ?


How to say.....


Will to Belgium shipping? :ninja:

Je croix il va faire, parce-que il a envoyé des peices de monnaie a les Pays Bas, nord de la Belgique.



Yes, I can ship to Belgium.

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Guest Stujoe

Did I tell you about that awesome toner I got in one of those rolls? :ninja:


Wheat cents are like a disease for me. I hate to think how many I have!


Oh, and $5.50 ;)

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Bobbycoin is the winner on this one. Please send the money to Tiffibunny and PM your mailing info to me. I'll get your cents in the mail on Monday.


Congratulations and thank you.



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