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“Treasure Box” - what’s in there?


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So I have this fireproof box and I haven’t opened it in a long long time. I’m thinking like maybe 10 years or more. As I recall it is mostly foreign coins. Nothing of value but stuff that I liked and stuck away for my collection but never did anything with . I do recall getting some rolls of like 2.5 Euro coins and placing them in there. I don’t recall the exact details but they were from Sweden (I think). I think there’s a few baggies in there of really crumby shape English Large Cents, the kind you used to see at coin shows for $2.00 or $2.50 a bag. So when I get to it, I’ll post a picture of the box and if I can find the key for it, I’ll actually open it and tell you what’s in there. If I can’t find the key, I’ll post the box locked picture and we can all speculate about the contents. I hope you enjoy this little exercise in the unknown and my attempt at posting something interesting outside of the Asylum. Pics to come. 

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