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1966 DDR Lincoln Memorial


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I found a 1966 double die reverse Lincoln memorial penny. I took it to a coin dealer and basically since it wasn’t in the cherry pickers book he didn’t care about it. But I’ve seen some articles online about it so it still has my interest peaked. NOTE: I am VERY green to all of this so I have absolutely no idea of its worth even more than a penny. Would like some advice from some of you who would know more than I do. Is it worth anything? Or should it just go back in a penny roll...thanks in advance!


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From the small portion of the coin you show, it would appear a possible Class I CCW doubling.  Do you have photos of the entire reverse?  Both CONECA and Wexler show only one DDR for 1966 which is a Class I CW.  If this is a rotated doubling, then we should be able to see the doubling around the entire coin.  More photos would be nice.  If it is actually a doubled die, then this would be a discovery piece and something to possibly have Wexler or CONECA verify and list for you.  So, more pics would be great!  Thanks!

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