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Anybody suggest a value for this medal?

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Recently had somebody interested in my late fathers collection (I have no knowledge of coins), as hard as I have tried I cannot find any value for this medal online, in fact this website is the only one I have found with a similar medal in one of your forums hence me posting. When I say similar I mean the back is slightly different. The back on my medal has a larger centered harp and all the medals of this type are smaller off center. So basically if you guys don't know I guess I'm bunched or forking out for a specialist valuer.



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I found a reference to this medal in The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Vol III Fifth Series, pg 9, listed as George IV's Visit to Ireland (No. 4).  This publication is from 1893 and is available for view on Google Books.  The work is attributed to medallist Isaac Parkes.  Aside from that there is no other information I have found to help with any valuation on the medal.  There are a number of references online at various websites, however, they all seem to be snippets of this publication repeating the same information verbatim.

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The top medal on this page:



is the one usually attributed to Parkes. Count the shamrocks, there's a different number. 

A large variety  of medallions were issued, only 4 or 5 officially, and the literature is sketchy. The official issues are listed in Lawrence Brown's British Historical Medals Volume 2. The BHM numbers start around the BHM 1130 mark.

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