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For whose who love 5 kopecks (Elisavita and Ekaterina II) - treasure sale


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That's how they look after staying in a clay jar for over 200 years in the ground (or rather river or lake banks' sand) and being cleaned with water. I've seen a few finds like that and many look like this. After proper cleaning some look really AMAZING! Will require a few years in the fresh cabinet after that though...  but, I wouldn't by it... only a couple of coins are from Elisaveta's times... and it looks like the pile has already been picked through for rarities... 

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To me the coins all look processed in some way. But if you have seen hoards before, I'll take it for granted that hoards may look that way.  Of course there are no rarities or even overdates to expect in the offer. The lot has certainly been sifted who knows how often.  But as Josh says there is always the faint hope of the undiscovered treasure.:bleh:   Some years ago at a Künker auction  I previewed  the individual coins and also the multiple lots comprising several  pyataki each. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief when I discovered an AU Paulian reoverstrike 5kop1791EM included in one of those multicoin lots. Künker's experts had mistaken it for a normal 1791EM!!!  The one in a million chance!  But unfortunately I was not the only one to spot the rare coin. That lot did NOT pass under the radar. I was outbid by far. 




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Sigi, your persistence and a real eagle eye for rarities often pays off 😻  with rare finds. You are an awesome 5 kopecks detective! Even if the rarities were siphoned out from this hoard left over, it is still an impressive mountain of coins. I'd love to see the actual find!!! I wonder if they could build a pyramid out of it... 😅

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