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1969-70 10p proof coins

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Hi there, new on here and need help. I am currently collecting a complete decimal coin set but can’t seem to find any 1969-1970 proof set. I have all the other years but these two years are eluding me. The only 1970 sets I can find are the last of the pre decimal ones which I have. I have 99% completed my pre decimal sets with just a few coins needed. Theses are the 1927 florin which is nearly £200 as only 12,000 were minted so unlikely to get that any time soon so decided to go on and start a decimal full coin run.

any advice will be greatly received.



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Welcome to the forum!

If you have proof sets dated 1971 to current, then congratulations!  I believe you have completed the decimal proof set series to date.  In 1971, they released the last of the pre-decimal proof sets (dated as 1970).  There were no decimal proof sets made until 1973 (these dated 1971), which was the first of the decimal proof sets.  The next sets to be issued were in 1976 when they released the 1972-1976 proof sets.  From then on, they have faithfully released annually.

I hope this information helps!

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Thank you, that helps. I have pre decimal full set too barring a few coins. I have a half crown set from 1970 back to 1908 and most are uncirculated as I thought if I’m going to make date runs the get the best grades I can.

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