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My current banknote pricelist


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Here is my latest banknote price-list.

While I am not a big dealer, but rather, a family owned small business, so I won't have as big as list as some of the big Dealers, these are what I have in stock, and while my prices may not be that competitive, if you order from me, I can promise that you will get the service you seek and then some...

I own about 3-4 year old banknote online store at http://www.banknotes-fanatics.com which I have posted about a while back, but that site is currently having some issues, and won't be able to take any orders, but you can still browse my list I am attaching and place order manually.

I also run a FREE, E-bay like auction site, and I have listed a few percentage of the notes I have in stock there as well, so you may want to check it out as well... Let me know if you are interested.

I will be adding more and more notes as I get them to my price-list, my auction site, and once my banknote site gets back on-line in full swing, but the offer you see on the offline price-list here I am attaching will just stay as offline, for a limited time, and until the site gets back online, so don't miss this deal...

Thank You.


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Happy New Year everyone, though it's late... I have decided NOT to revive the site afterall... since the site wasn't really that successful in it's 4 years or so that was in business. Instead, I am going to stick with my own auction site.

so... you can check out my store on my auction site... It currently have around 100 or so items of the ones I have, but I am listing them daily, so you can check them out at:


More and more notes will be added daily. The site is FREE to join, and FREE to list and buy. Only time you pay is when your items sells or, if you use any extra charge auction upgrades(which are in few cents each, not by dollars or what have you in E-bay or others...)

Check it out.

Thank You.

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