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US Small Cent Type Set (2/2)


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US Small Cent Type Set





1918 Lincoln (wheat ears, VDB shoulder, 1918-2005)




1943 Lincoln (wheat ears, zinc-coated steel, 1943))




1959 Lincoln (memorial reverse, copper, 1959-1982)




1979-S Lincoln (memorial reverse, modified portrait, 1973-2005)




2005 Lincoln (memorial reverse, copper-plated zinc, 1982-2005)


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Very nice part 2 for the small cent typeset.  Gosh I really like cents. Thanks for the nice posts.


Thanks Art. I know that there is nothing really rare or spectacular in the group, but I like the set a lot. it's so often that small cents were a big part of our first US collections- they are special in a way. Maybe someday I will get to those beautiful large ones that you collect.


Not sure what I will go with next - thinking about US quarter dollars, I have about 6-7 type examples now, but there are a many to go for.

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