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wooden nickles and other ply money

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Well flicker is back couple hours off line for upgrades turned into a day and a half!
Here is the other version of the wooden nickle.
At one time the city was known as the city of roses, due to the fact that there were a number of very large green houses and they supplied the florist trade with roses. Now they are subdivisions and vacant lots. Historically, Mount Clemens' largest industry for more than 100 years, from 1873 to 1974, was tourism related to the mineral baths, drawn from springs that were scattered throughout the city. Such mineral baths were very popular and were tourist destinations. At the peak of the industry, the city had 11 bathhouses and several hotels related to this trade. The first bathhouse was built in 1873 and was known as "The Original"; it was located on the corner of Jones and Water streets. The bathhouse burned in 1883 but it was rebuilt even larger the following year to accommodate the crowds of customers. Due to the smell of the mineral water you could smell the town before your ever made it there

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Here is an interesting wooden half dollar, It almost looks home made.It is twice the thickness of the others,it also is made from pine and the imprints looks rubber stamped. Plus it is political in nature.

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