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Identifying type of 10 Kopecks 1762 in Bitkin


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Greeting.  I think Bitkin show two basic categories of this coin, one with two flags and one with three.  I can see no difference in obverse side of coin.  Am i wrong?   With wear and rough images it is hard to identify reverse type.   Tips?   I have a scanned version of Bitkin on my iPad which is very handy   .   But could use some guidance please   Best   Dwight   






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Hi Dwight,  you show an Ekaterinburg coin. Our friend Eugene wrote a book about the topic which is worthwhile owning.:ok: He determines and pictures the anonymous issues  of Elizabeth and Peter III. Let's wait for his comment.



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Hi Sigi and Dwight,

There were several mints that produced these coins (mostly by overstriking). Generally, we can devide all coins into 3 categories,  by main mints' tools that were used: SPM, MM and EM. Coins produced by St.Petersburg mint tools all have 3 flags and eagles of more classical Dasier shapes. Moscow and Ekateringburg tools' coins both have 2 flags, but Moscow shape eagle (with straight left wing) easily sets Moscow tools' coins apart.

There are also many eagle differences in EM coins, that are easy to notice if you study Elisabeth 5 kopecks long enough. Ones you learn to devide coins into groups, you start noticing differences in styles of letter and number shapes, and can learn to recognise coins by seeing only one side of the coin. Sigi is good at that now. :art:

Bitkin is a great basic reference, but not for identifying these coins by mints.

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