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Euro Commemorative coin values

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I have these in both the unc. and proof version. With the mintage of the unc.(BU) being so low I can not help but wonder if the value of the unc.(BU) is increasing faster than the proof? Just curious as here in the U.S. many BU coins are worth far more than the heavily bought and favored proof coins. Any thoughts on this?



It is still a bit too early to tell. The Finnish Numismatic Society's catalogue does not even give a price estimate for the new euro commems yet. And as these coins have not been seen much yet at their quarterly auctions either, it makes it difficult to wager what the value would be.


The coin mentioned above, though having what seems to be a low minatage figure, is still relatively high for the Finnish market. I know of at least one online site here that is selling the BU version at basically the original issue price. However, the 2003 Mannerheim and 2004 Runeberg BUs have even lower minatge figures and they are selling a little bit higher. I think it may take another year or two for a clearer picture to emerge.


The euro issues here that have increased the most in value are the €5 commems of 2003 (Ice Hockey World Championships) and already the 2005 (World Athletics Championships). These were sold at face and now price between €20-25, and €15-20 respectively. This despite them having much larger mintage figures.

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If a guy could just SEE the future he would know what to buy and what to pass on. Sometimes logic does NOT come in to play concerning coins. Just when you think you might have some things figured out someone always throws you a curve ball. Appreciate your post and answer Sir Sisu and will wait patiently for some values to rise and some to fall down the road! I just hope some of the coins I have obtained make me proud some day. Really great seeing something rise in value and knowing I have one of those!!!

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