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Chinese Bronze Coin ID?


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The large(ish) cast coin is from the Chia Ch'ing era (now written as Jiaqing era), 1796-1820, and from Shensi Province (now written Shaanxi Province). Shaanxi Province is home to the ancient terracotta army of the first emperor and the museum dedicated to it. You can find it in the Krause catalogue as C# 23-2. The two others are from the Kuang Hsu era (now written Guangxu era), 1875-1908, and from Kwangtung Province (now written Guangdong Province). They are Y# 191 in the catalogue. Guangdong Province was where machine struck coinage in China really took off, and these two are machine struck. The earlier machine struck coins of the Guangxu era from Guangdong Province were the same size as the Shaanxi coin, but the size was reduced due to inflation. These small ones are from 1906-08, shortly before the revolution (1911) that abolished the monarchy.

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