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Coins of Peter III


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I find Eugene's book about Elizabeth's and Peter III's copper coins very useful. It contains the pictures of all the variants. There are a few explaining words to each picture which, if necessary, can be understood using google translator. The anonymous coins reveal the mints they came from. And some of the cherished pictures from the time of the Grand Duke on, repeated in Brekke,  Dyakov,  etc., etc.,  are unmasked as contemporary fakes. :grin:




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Hello! There is not much literature in English with detailed description I suppose. If you need just catalog I found very useful this one (has English version) www.m-dv.ru And of course you can always use Bitkin handbook. All text in Bitkin is in English and Russian. Bitkin is hard to find as a book, but you can find internet scanned versions. 


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Eugene is wonderful in assisting me with info on the book.  From what I have seen, the coin images he has are the finest I have ever seen anywhere.  That is awesome for me an anyone who purchases.  Best to all.

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there is a nice book by Yury Petrunin - "Coins of Emperor Peter III. Monetary Iconography. Catalogue of Coins. Articles on Numismatics".  

Printed 300 copies in 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia.  The catalog itself is pretty good but nothing exceptional (IMHO).

The best part of the book is its historical articles.  

The worst part is that all of them are in Russian 🙂





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