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The Legendary 1825 Constantine ruble. Modern antique copy


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Hello everyone, just want to hear your opinion on recently sold 1825 Constantin ruble graded by NGC as Antiquarium forgery and sold at Heritage around  nine thousand bucks.

How NGC graded a fake of  a forgery fake coin ? Another word, Trubetzkoy ruble is an antique forgery but this one graded by NGC is fake of the Trobetzkoy ruble.

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thank you so much for your respond,

the proper name of it I think should be at least like

"antiquarian forgery of Troubetzkoy ruble" or "modern copy of Troubetzkoy ruble"

thanks again for your words, I think so too, somebody sees this coin as a real ruble

I do  not have Bitkin on hands, this ruble was reference as R4 in Bitkin.

Does it say that there that this ruble is a fake of Troubetzkoy ?       


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hello i just inherited  a 1825 Constantine one ruble silver coin after my father passed away he had bought the coin in 1973 in russia and when we moved to the states in 1979 he brought it with him, I know my father was in contact with Mr. Spaski in Leningrad Mr. Spaski wrote the book About this coin and i know my father tried to Authenticate this coin but he got no where, no one could tell him if it was a fake i need help if anyone knows anything please contact me    747-257-9595 Thank you  

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