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Is it or isn't it me gold schilling


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Hi everyone,

Being an amateur I got the coins last month I figure it's probably hard to tell if it's real gold by looking at a picture but maybe someone might recognize the medallion and maybe there's no way a medallion of such sore could be made fake, it does not stick to magnet it clinks on the on the table just like a golden dollar it just looks too good to be real... Thank you in advance for any help...






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Good evening,

Have you googled the coin to see what the weight should be? That's the first thing I'd do.

Also, I think there are various "scratch" tests you can do to see if something is really gold.

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🤓 I'm sorry I can't get that stupid emoji off there I don't know where it came from but that's my problem is trying to find on that identify this coin it does way almost identical to a u.s. coin dollar but of course the US dollars not real gold and this one weighs 8.6 grams I'll keep researching you thank you it does have a little bit of see-through on the part of the class but I can't get any other part of it to display anything other than goldbut it's not something I want to collect I want I want to sell it I don't want to walk into the punch out looking like an idiot they break it and have it turned out to be plastic what clinks like a coin

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