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Blanchisseuse / Vivandier

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I have a question about tokens with Blanchisseuse or  Vivandier on them. Blanchisseuse and  Vivandier were part of the civil people that followed an army. Blanchisseuse is a laundry woman who can wash the soldiers clothes.  Vivandier sold food and drink to the soldiers. Below you can see a token from the fresh army in Hannover about 1804-05.

My question si how was this token used. Was it for a prepaid service, a token confirming you were an "official" Blanchisseuse or something entire different?



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possibly minted for use as an advertising token as well as a means of instilling confidence in the trustworthiness and ongoing `permanence of service' of the blanchisseuse concerned (?). That is `you can be assured that when you come back to pick up your clothing it will be here waiting for you'. (?)

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