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Hello- I came across an unusual 1961 D Jefferson nickel.  I suspect that it was a bad attempt at producing a fraudulent coin, but don't know enough to know.  The obverse appears very shiny- almost like a proof coin, but the reverse is not, dull and quite worn- no steps visible.  So, it looks like a coin that was plated with something (silver? chrome?) on the obverse, but not the reverse.  Further, the edge of the coin shows a faint ridge that runs around part of the coin's edge- hugging closely to the obverse side of the edge.  That seems to add to the notion that the obverse was plated?  Sorry that I don't have pictures now, but could get to them later.  Could this be an unusual error coin, or more likely a fraud attempt?   

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When you flip the coin over on the horizontal axis (i.e. hold the coin by the left and right sides, then rotate it so the bottom goes over the top), does the image stay in the correct orientation?

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