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2 kopecks 1757-1762


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Hi Josh -  9 pcs of a general type is not a small collection :ok: I cannot comment much because it is not my field.  Aside of design variants, most of the dates come with  either reticulated or lettered edge.   Thank you for showing.





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Thanks, Sigi!  I am mostly practicing with my camera, and trying new ways to post photos here, without the upload size limit.  I have not shown the other duplicate 2k Elizabeth i have, but  i thought a group photo would be a good start.  

I am also having fun digging thru coins i have not looked at in years.  There is no way to make ugly copper pretty, but a good photo helps!

Maybe next i will do a 1k, polushka, and denga momogram type group photo?  

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Morning everyone! Thank you for sharing part of your collection, Josh. 
I quickly went over the coins, and though, they are not high grade, where one can see a lot of
helpful attributes, I gave it my best short at identifying their mints:

SPM-57  MM-58  EM-59
SPM-57  MM-58  EM-61
EM - 57   EM-58  EM-62

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