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Need advice before buying


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Comparing the coins that are up on eBay atm, it would appear to be a die clash.  I personally would not pay the kind of premium being sought for it.  I am also seeing "production totals" ranging from 375 to 500 only minted!!!! on some of those listings...  Um...I don't think so.  I've read that there were many more minted after that initial release on his birthday.  You would want to check and make sure how many were actually minted to determine any rarity.  And I am seeing many more than "just a few" of these clashes being offered.  As more of these pence are checked over, I am sure many more will spring up in the wild and become more affordably available.

Best thing is to simply figure if it is something you truly want in your collection.  And determine what you are personally willing to pay for it knowing that more are likely to appear over time.  If you are thinking of trying to turn a quick buck...I would highly encourage you consider otherwise.

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