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2015 Vs 1999 £2 coin..


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I noticed these two £2 coins in my change were slightly different with respect to the "Standing on the ...." written around the coin.

When compared to each other, the writing is upside down on the 1999 coin  when the face of the coin is upwards..

Excuse my novice knowledge, but is this normal between the years.. or could one of these be fake?

Many Thanks



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The edge lettering is placed on the planchet using a castaing machine.  When it is run through the machine, there is no determination of which side will be the obverse and which the reverse (just as when the planchet is placed between the dies and minted).  So, there is no real right or wrong way for the lettering to be placed on a coin.  So long as the lettering is there (and in the right order), then it is the way it was intended to be.

Here is a short youtube video that gives a very brief history/overview of edge lettering.

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