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1868 Campaign Dewitt USG 1868-7 US Grant lg Ltrs NGC MS63 Ex John Ford Junior

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1868 Ulysses S. Grant Presidential campaign medalet. Silver, 34 mm. DeWitt USG 1868-7. Dies by George H. Lovett. MS-63 (NGC). With a total mintage of just six pieces in silver, how many chances will you get to own one? Exceptionally attractive, with rich deep blue toning over the highly reflective reverse and pastel blue toning on the reverse framing mottled gray, gold, and pastel rose coloration. Boldly reflective on both sides (it's puzzling this wasn't graded with a Proof prefix, as a proof medal was clearly the intent), double struck (like a proof would be), and fully detailed from centers to the wire rim. The hairlines visible in the images are on the slab, while the surfaces are close to pristine, with just some wispy lines and the trace of an old fingerprint in the lower left field. Some raised lines from die polish remain visible. The collectors who formed what would come to be called the John J. Ford Jr. Collection (mostly F.C.C. Boyd, Ramsey McCoy, and others) clearly loved silver strikes of political medalets, as more were in the Ford cabinet than seemingly everywhere else combined. Most brought gaudy prices, as essentially every one is a great rarity. This one is no exception.

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