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Australian colored circulating coins


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For the last 5+ years, Australia has been minting colored 2 dollar coins from 2012. Mintage figures have been quite low and trust me - once they appear in circulation, they get wiped out quite quickly, not just by collectors but by people who think they may be worth a bit more in the future. They aren't quite wrong - because of their 'scarcity', often they get sold more than face value. Put it this way, I was only lucky enough to find just 3-4. I had a mate that didn't care too much and changed it for face value.


To add to the fire, Canadian Mint has threatened to sue Royal Australian Mint as Canadian Mint claimed that RAM has infringed on coloring patent. At one stage, Canadian Mint wanted RAM to destroy circulating color coins.


Here's one link



This is from circulation - honestly this can take a lot of effort! Some of the mintage figures are absurdly low, one starting at just half a million...




Please feel free to post any circulating color coins. I guess our Canadian friends would like to show some? :)

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