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Hi, I started collecting predecimal coins from change when I was a teenager and then lost the bug and the collection lounged at the bottom of the wardrobe for many years, about 35. About 10-12 years ago I dusted it off and had a bit of a tidy, narrowing the range to 1900 to 1967 and kicking out the few Vickey pennies and half pennies. The collection has now been again lounging, not in the wardrobe this time but the next best thing, the loft. Well I'm at the point of being forced into an early retirement, about 18 months early, so have decided to sell up. This is a very large accumulation so I don't relish the thought of winding it all through ebay so are there other options.

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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. I don't know how "eager" you were when you collected as teenager (meaning how much research you did and knowledge you gained)

I will not be able to assist you with UK coins. However, i would suggest that you divide your collection. (the more "scarce/rare" ones from the more "normal/common" coins)

I'm aware of different varieties (high tide / low tide) etc. Also keep the coins with silver content in mind.

You can try to contact a local dealer in your area but keep in mind that they will offer substantially less than catalogue price.

Also try to find a Omnicoin member willing to assist you with the scarce/rare coins ... https://www.omnicoin.com/search/?tp=2&country=United+Kingdom&kw= 

Hopefully other forum members may also have other suggestions

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