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Susan B. Anthony Dollar (souvenir set)


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This first post is a process I hope to utilize to help me understand my father-in-law's coin collection. Unfortunately, we never talked about his collection. Even if we did, my experience with coin collecting, goes back to my childhood, and left along with Puff the Magic Dragon. It was easy cataloging the proof sets. It was just a matter of looking in the Red Book. Although The 1979 Dollar Souvenir Set (along with 1980 and 1981 sets) do not have much value, I am challenged in trying to set their value. It appears that the filled S Dollar is rare and has additional value. Frankly, it is very difficult to clearly see the mint marks, even when photographed with a macro lens and viewed. Additionally, the souvenir coins are uncirculated, but have lots of minute scratches. How do I value these coins?


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