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Selling collection question


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Over the years I have accumulated a large collection of certified (ICCS, NGC, PCGS, ANACS) and uncertified Canadian coins.

I'm is the USA and I wish to sell them now but the effort to put it on eBay would be Herculean.

Can anyone recommend a reliable dealer to whom to sell?

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What's the average value of these coins? A dealer runs their business on paying you a % less than they know they can sell your coins for - except for extremely liquid coins like Morgans and bullion silver (most Canadian coins aren't easy to sell quickly in the US), their percentage will be close to half. You get your money faster, but ebay is usually much better at giving you at least close to fair market value for your coins - provided you can take good pictures and describe your coins in a way that they show up in search results. Certified coins sell for much, much more than raw on ebay if we are talking uncirculated grades.

If you have scores of coins worth $20+ each, just do a few a week. If they are worth less than that, do small or medium sized lots. The interested collectors will bid more than your offer from a dealer who *has* to profit on your coins to keep the lights on.

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