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Here is a third variation of this type dime I have two others have blue ink printed rings.
reverse is a blank case.
"First of all, for those that might think these are dangerous, please refer to the documentation. These coins were bombarded with neutrons over 40 years ago. They don't glow in the dark - and never did. The half-lives of the silver isotopes are relatively short so the radiation diminishes quickly. When "fresh" they gave off about the same amount of radiation as the luminous hands of a watch.

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It seems amazing that they could produce something like that and have a one cent stamp/value to it. My how times have changed!


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My understanding from the info in


That they didn't work out in the CWT era for that reason, to costly to produce. They were brought back in the 40' and 50's as a novelty store card by collectors and dealers.

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