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Unusually 5 Kopeks 1796 Paul I Pattern or Novodel ?


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Hello everyone Iam new in your community and I want to ask you for help to recognise one coin. This is 5 Kopeks 1796 Paul I Russia diameter is 44 mm. Weight 42 g thickness about 4 mm. Rant typical for kopeks you can see on pictures. Problem is that I can't find this coin in any catalogue . the only things what I found about this coin that you can buy copy of this coin on Russian web . Copy is lighter 26g and have smooth edge cost about 250 Rubles. I was thinking about Novodel hybrid but not sure. Can anyone help know something about it?




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I know this is way late...

but if it's not in a catalog, the most likely explanation is it's fake.

The portrait is atrociously executed and the lettering doesn't look right either, at first glance.  If I really wanted to nail that down, I'd go look at photographs in Brekke of contemporaneous coins, but the style strikes me as WAY off.

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