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2017 AAFES POGS have been released ?? That would be the 16th Printing . I am looking for some if some one should come across them.   Thanks for the read.  




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The Pogs can be acquired by knowing a service member or  someone in a contingency area across the pond,  or you can buy them off of Ebay. 

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On 7/12/2018 at 9:22 PM, thedeadpoint said:

Good evening,


Where do you get these pogs?

Let me know if you are interested in Purchasing some .  I have been over to Iraq and Afghanistan a few times. 16th Printing 10c 2017.jpg2nd Printing dimes and quarters BU.jpg

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Any one interested in AAFES POGS/MPC's ? I have several thousands of POGS Available for Trade ... Most of my POGS are Circulated, very lightly used, I have completed my 3 sets for my daughters and have also helped other folks interested in the pogs complete theirs. Let 2020 be the Year you finish yours.

There are 533 different Pogs produced as of the 2017 last printing.

Although AAFES officials say they never intended for the pogs to become a collectors item, that is exactly what has happened. Servicemembers as well as Civilians working in the contingency area are saving the cardboard circles as souvenirs of their tours of duty or as additions to their personal collections of military memorabilia.


AAFES POGS UPDATE>> Nov 2017 AAFES released a new printing , the 16th printing dated 2017. These Pogs are already showing up in the secondary market as of Nov 2017:

1. One complete set of 533 Pogs >>> Face Value  $ 75.05

2. There are 34 OIF Pogs, 33 OEF Pogs and 2 OND Pogs

3. The 11th Printing has the most Pogs >  39 

4. The 8th and 12th Printing have the least Pogs> 26

5. Three Printings Have no Nickels >> 8th,12th, and 13th.

FOR Sale or Trade>> I have 2594 nickels .... 2511  dimes ... 2809  Quarters ...   PM me with your needs and lets get those sets complete !!  Over 7900 spare Pogs.

11 Aafes Pog 6M10w.jpg

11 6th printing pogs10cNUMBERS.jpg

11 aafes pogs 10c.jpg

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